About us

Mármoles Gallego was established 40 years ago as a family business with the aim of developing the potential of marble and granite for the decoration of civilian works.

The company began its journey with a small group of people previously engaged in hand-crafted stonework and funerary art, constantly evolving with the implementation of the new tools available in the industry, mainly due to the advance of industrial diamonds for extracting, cutting and carving of marble and granite, and machine automation. The aim was to offer our customers the best finishing, a greater speed in service and the most competitive prices in the market.

As a result of this, the company experienced an exponential growth in the number of workers, transport fleet, facilities and machinery for production, and it is regarded as one of the best in our sector in the province of Pontevedra.

A Qualified Team

Our team is specialised in the various positions within our company and can boast many years of expertise in the industry. It is structured in several departments:

  • Department of Customer Service and Collection of Orders – providing their insight, options and ideas for your project.
  • A team of technicians available for on-site measurements, offering you a budget and advice on the appropriate materials for each case scenario.
  • Production personnel dedicated to do the cutting and production of the various materials in the workshop.
  • Our own installation teams will provide the final touch of quality to our work.


Our company is located in the Municipality of Mos, 5 minutes away from Vigo airport, in a 3,000+ sq.m. facility, equipped with the newest machinery in the industry and a large warehouse for storing marble, granite and compact materials of various colours and origins.