Tipos de trabajos realizados por Mármoles Gallego

Types of Work

We perform all type of operations for civilian works, building façades, business premises and banks.

  • Renovations of entrance halls in communities of residents.
  • Staircases and floors for buildings and single-family homes.
  • Wall panelling and bathroom floors.
  • Kitchen counters with a great variety of finishes.
  • Bathroom counters.
  • All types of funerary art, and more.
Territorio y tipo de cliente

Our Area and Our Clients

We work within the Spanish national territory.

We can travel to complete measurements and perform installations throughout the country, to any type of client – an individual, business person or an expert in the field in need of our services.

Máquinas de corte automático de máxima precisión y rapidez

State-of-the-art Equipment

Automatic cutting machinery that ensures the highest accuracy and speed.

Edge polishing equipment to automatically produce the various models and shapes for stone, with a brightness and perfection of the highest quality.

CNC Machines to help perform very complex jobs with irregular shapes that cannot be easily carried out manually, focused specifically in kitchen counters, making sink carvings automatically in any shape and design with an enviable finishing.

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